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Your Bag, An Extension for Yourself

Your Bag, An Extension for Yourself

The women’s handbag was always a fashion and a necessity too. But today, the men bags have been reborn, due to the evolving trend and growing needs of this modern world, because not everything fits in your pocket. For a long time, there was a sense of hesitation in guys that carrying a bag, other than a backpack or briefcase is somehow compromised their manliness. But now things have quite changed.

Over the past few years, different styles of bags like duffels, totes and messenger bags have become men’s style staples. It means no more messing stuff waiting in your pockets. Whether a guy is commuting to work or carrying-on for any business trip, short trip on weekends or any essential styles for your on-the-go activities.

Just forget about that outdated notion that carrying a bag or purse, is a girly thing. If a briefcase is ok for men to carry around, then there is no other reason to have other bags for a modern man.

Men too have a lot of things to drag around sometimes

This is may be one of the major reasons, why today’s men are beginning to copy women in carrying around bags for all their “stuff”.

Just consider your personal bag as an extension to yourself. You need to treat it accordingly.

  • You made your impression through your style statement. A well-designed bag reflects your personality. In everyday life, you need a lot of things to carry along with you, i.e., important papers, books, pens, precious electronic devices or other related items. It may look skin-deep, but your bag makes an impression.
  • As men are carrying man backs for so many reasons in this ever changing world – for school, office, work, to carry lots of their necessities, and most importantly look more stylish and smarter.
  • Your bag is like an artist’s toolkit. Every single item is important to make the whole picture. Similarly, a well-designed bag makes you look more stylish, makes you more organized, helps in your all-day long activities and make it easy for you to go along with all your burdens.
  • For a person, it is quite impossible to hold all the important items of routine use in your hands or pocket during traveling from one place to another. In order to fulfill these requirements a man bag can be more than a helping-hand. Not only for this purpose but also for business purposes. So, having a durable man bag should be the first priority.

Bags are basically the essential gear in todays era. It keeps your belongings and all devices in check, so you are always in control. Whatever the day holds for you or wherever you happen to be!

  • Chances are you’re probably leaving something out, and you’ll only realize you need it when that moment hits.
  • From a hand sanitizer to an extra pair of headphones, there are so many items, no man can be without on his way to and from the office. So bags are always a good choice.

With all these so many uses of the today’s man back, it is quite essential to update your list of different bags that men can carry.

Different Bags serve Different Purposes

We see so many types of bags today in every hand.

The Briefcase

Designed especially for 9-to-5 man and perfect for daily office essentials like portfolios, laptops, magazines, papers and pens, etc. Or we can say that today’s briefcases are more like a bag to carry on, preferred for transport purpose.

The Messenger Bag

Typically, people think of these bags, when someone says a “man bag”. It comes in different forms and functions, but usually comes in boxy or rectangular soft bag. It is a favorite bag by cyclists, students, general commuters as a person can carry this bag across the body along with a strap with a grip pad.

The Tote

A lenient longer bag, made of very soft canvas or leather. This bag gives a user quite easy access to things on the move during any activity like shopping and grocery.

The Duffel

A large soft bag to carry different items for usually longer trips. It’s a heavy-duty leather bag that allows you an easier access to all items. This is the largest man bag and the name usually associated with the old military duffel bag as it is used for extended travel journeys.

The Weekender

A smaller bag than duffel bag, but larger than other bags. As the name indicates, this bag is designed for weekend long trips. It is a soft bag with spacious and large top opening along with a zipper and sometimes comes with an optional strap for the shoulder in most cases.

The Barrel

Similar to a duffel or weekend bag except it is shaped like a barrel. It’s a soft bag made of leather, canvas or nylon with two large tote handles and zippered opening on its top. This is a bag normally used for short trips or the gym essentials.

The Sack

A minimalist bag, made of soft nylon or cloth to keep it light and to be carried as a backpack. These bags are perfect for something small or for quick shopping trips.

The Backpack

A simple bag with shoulder straps. It comes in all sizes, shapes, and uses. But the basic purpose of this bag is to be worn on the back over the shoulder by straps. Newer versions of these bags include a convertible feature, as it can be switched between a backpack or single shoulder strap bag.

The Bowling

Bag made of semi-stiff material such as thick leather or heavy canvas, this bag is made to be sturdy and strong. This, oversized tote handles and a large zippered opening with a wide mouth bag is ideal for your heavier items to fit perfectly.

And that is it! These all are the bags that we normally see in this modern world today. But these man bags will continue to evolve. As we move into the future with our constantly changing needs to carry different items for different purposes, the man bag will continue to adjust and escalate to the challenges. Long live the man bag!

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